Pay After Placement

We take full resposibility of your career

This is a unique opportunity offered only by Sunstone Eduversity in India. It manifests the confidence that Sunstone Eduversity has in its pedagogy, faculty, deep industry connect and students selection process.

The vision of Sunstone Eduversity is to provide the most relevant, contemporary, affordable management education directly applicable in the industry ensuring that the students passing out are employable and productive in the industry right from the start.

To ensure that students have all the possible options available to pay their fee and no student loses the chance of getting this quality industry oriented input, the Pay After Placement offering was launched.

Step 1
Student takes admission in the AICTE approved 2 year full time PGDM/MBA Program.
Step 2
Registration amount is Rs 50,000/- to be paid at the time of admission.
Step 3
The final fee to be paid by the student is decided at the time of placement. It is equal to 10(ten) times the monthly renumeration offered.
Step 4
For those who are selected and choose to take this offering, the first 60 students who complete their registration would be taken.
First 60 students completing their registration can avil this opportunity.
Step 5
Any other scholarship Program is not applicable to students, who choose Pay After Placement.

Corporate Sponsored Sunstone Confidence Scholarship Program

The regular fee totaling Rs. 3,00,000/- all inclusive under this method is payable as follows:

Rs. 50,000/- at the time of Registration
Rs. 1,00,000/- within 15 days of Registration
Rs. 1,50,000/- at the beginning of second year

Since everything finally comes down to having and building confidence which is manifested in differential knowledge, skill and attitudinal domain, Sunstone Eduversity has an extensive evaluation method to continuously evaluate the confidence quotient of the students.

The student with the highest confidence quotient gets a SPICE scholarship of Rs. 90000/- which is equally adjustable in the three installments payable from 2016.

The runner up in the category gets a KNOWLARITY scholarship of Rs. 60000/- with the same rules.
There is also a CYGNUS scholarship for the student who has the highest class attendance where the amount is Rs. 30000/- again adjustable similarly.

Besides this there are two special SUNSTONE CONFIDENCE scholarships rules and adjudication of which will be done by the faculty and the amount of which will be Rs. 45000/- each adjustable equally in the three installments payable from 2016.

Education Loan

Many commercial banks and financial institutions provide educational loans to students. For details, you may contact branch offices of such banks. For the convenience of students, Sunstone Eduversity has tied up with AXIS BANK and LOAN SINGH for availing of educational loan. The Institute facilitates the selected students in obtaining the loan and also helps them to fulfill all the formalities and prerequisites of bank.

  • Tie up letter with Axis Bank for educational loan.
  • Tie up letter with Loan Singh
  • Guidelines for Educational Loan.

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